Foot Print  61x 41 x25 cm (HWD)
Foot Print(cover opened)   74 x 41 x42 cm (HWD)
Net Weight  20Kg
Build Area   15×15 mm for 15μm XY
48×27 mm for 25μm XY
XY Pixel Size  15μm or 25μm (two models)
Build Height  150 mm
Minimum Z Layer Thickness  5μm (depending on the resin viscosity and sample size)
Pattern Generation   HD DLP
Light Source  Tunable power UV LED (385 or 365nm)
Focusing   Motorized tuning
Maximum output  385nm: 1000mW ; 365nm: 700mW
Zero Calibration  Pre‐calibrated zero with an optical sensor
Linear Stage  THK Industrial Grade High Precision Modul
Resin Container  PSP‐D (Drum type container)
Power Consumption  75 W
Voltage  110‐240v
System Requirement  Windows 10
Software  Browser‐based
Wireless Printing  Via wireless router
Resin  UHR