Foot Print40 x 28 x 79 cm
Build Volume48 x 27 x 250 mm (25μm) to 192 x 108 x 250 mm (100μm)
Protection CoverOrange translucent  color and motorized
XY Pixel SizesAutomatic switching for 25 / 37 / 50 / 75 /100μm
Minimum Z Layer Thickness5μm (depending on the resin and exposed area)
Pattern GenerationHD UV DLP
Light SourceTunable power UV LED (385 or 365nm)
Focusing and ZoomingAutomatic
Maximum output385nm: 1000 mW ; 365nm: 700 mW
Resin3DSR resins or third party resins
Resin ContainerOne large and one small PSP‐D (Drum type container with VBT)
Film Supporting WindowUV anti-reflection glass
Print Job SoftwareWindows required
Control SoftwareBrowser‐based
Zero CalibrationPressure sensor
Linear StageTHK industrial grade high precision module
Wireless PrintingVia Wi‐Fi repeater or router
Power Consumption75 W