Foot Print 40 x 28 x 79 cm
Weight 30Kg
Build Volume 48 x 27 x 250 mm (25μm) to 192 x 108 x 250 mm (100μm)
Protection Cover Orange translucent  color and motorized
XY Pixel Sizes Automatic switching for 25 / 37 / 50 / 75 /100μm
Minimum Z Layer Thickness 5μm (depending on the resin and exposed area)
Pattern Generation HD UV DLP
Light Source Tunable power UV LED (385 or 365nm)
Focusing and Zooming Automatic
Maximum output 385nm: 1000 mW ; 365nm: 700 mW
Resin 3DSR resins or third party resins
Resin Container One large and one small PSP‐D (Drum type container with VBT)
Film Supporting Window UV anti-reflection glass
Print Job Software Windows required
Control Software Browser‐based
Zero Calibration Pressure sensor
Linear Stage THK industrial grade high precision module
Wireless Printing Via Wi‐Fi repeater or router
Power Consumption 75 W
Voltage 110‐240V